Our Ministers

Our ministers are available for officiating at marriage and funeral ceremonies, performing christenings and other sacred ceremonies. Both ministers are trained in Chaplain support services.


Reverend Tanya Wyldflower
Spiritual Director

Reverend Tanya WyldflowerReverend Tanya Wyldflower graduated from her ministerial class in June of 1998 under Doctor Reverend Candice Becket, former President of Religious Science International and Pastor of the Ukiah Church of Religious Science. She led the Mendocino Coast Science of Mind Study Group in March of 1997 as a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science. In December of 1999, the study group gained official recognition as a legal nonprofit organization with Society status and Reverend Tanya received her Interim Field Minister license. She is currently the Ordained Minister for the Mendocino Church of Religious Science as well as the Chaplain Coordinator for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

Reverend Tanya comments, “There is a great desire for a New Thought organization on the Mendocino coast and I have been given enthusiastic support. Like so many in our Spiritual Center, I have found my philosophical home in Religious Science, because it takes from the wisdom of all religions, shorn of dogma and superstition. Our Spiritual Center has taken on the name "A Center for Spiritual Awakening" to guide us in remembering why we join together each week. The love that is present in our Spiritual Community can be felt by all who visit us. We have chosen to have guest speakers come two or three times each month and offer us the highest ideas and inspiration within them. I have chosen to speak only twice a month so I can take full advantage of the thoughts of these other spiritual travelers. My approach in classes is that we are students and teachers to each other and the divine wisdom is within each one of us. Together we bring out and share the best with each other. This ministry offers me an opportunity to offer myself as God in expression, helping myself and others to learn to love and free ourselves to our fullest potential. It is a path of service that serves me well. I delight in exploring the depths of our humanity and our spirituality together. It is my great joy to be the Spiritual Director for our Center for Spiritual Awakening".

Reverend Gail Johnson
Assistant Director

Practicing the principles of Religious Science and Science of Mind has made all of the difference in my life! I have been involved with Religious Science for over 12 years, a Practitioner since 2001 and a Minister since 2004. I have worked in the medical environment for over 20 years and have studied psychology, self-help, spirituality, and the mind-body connection for over 30 years. I love the science of Religious Science! I love knowing the truth for people through treatment, counseling, officiating at weddings and other ceremonies and rituals. I am guided every day by the teachings of Ernest Holmes and the power of our thoughts.

Let me assist you as you realize the power of your own creative mind!

"Your dreams are waiting for you to come true"